Happy Time Fruit Basket

Happy Time Fruit Basket

Rs. 5,000

  • Apple (4PCS)
  • Grapes (500g)
  • Pineapple (1PCS)
  • Orange (4PCS)
  • Banana (1kg)

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Product Description

This Fresh Fruit Basket is complete with tasty fruits and is ideal for sending to friends and family. A Fresh Fruit Basket is a wonderful way to treat your loved ones every day. Only the highest quality and most flavorful fresh fruits are in our beautiful fresh fruit basket in addition to give a pleasant look and taste. So, grab the Fruit Basket Online Delivery from Karudaa now!

Delivery Details

  • Fruit Basket Online Delivery at Jaffna from Karudaa Online Store.
  • Our delivery boy will deliver the Fruit Basket to your doorstep in a good quality package.

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