White Chocolate Topping Cake

White Chocolate Topping Cake

2,500 LKR 3,000 LKR

  • Cake Type:  Egg /Eggless
  • Flavor: Vanilla Cake
  • Layer: Single Layer
  • Weight:1Kg
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Product Description

This is a classic –  Vanilla cake which is a very delightful white coloured cake with a subtle flavour. In addition, it is very fluffy, light, and moist. Thanks to the help of a few special ingredients. This white coloured cake can never go wrong with anyone. It has a simple and delicate flavour. A perfect gift for someone who does like mild flavours. It is suitable for all occasions and ages, you can without a doubt send this cake to surprise your loved one. So get the beautiful White Topping Cake Delivery at Jaffna from Karudaa Online Store. So then, why are you waiting? order now!

Delivery Details

  • White Topping Cake Delivery at Jaffna from Karudaa Online Store.
  • Our delivery boy will deliver the delicious cake to your doorstep in a good quality cardboard box.
  • Candle and knife will be delivered as per the availability.

Care Instructions

  • Store cake in a refrigerator.
  • Consume the cake within 24 hours.

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